BRTC The First Ampoule Eye Essence 15ml


RM199.90 MYR
BRTC The First Ampoule Eye Essence
Contains Fermentox only for BRTC patented fermentation Soothes skin irritation with blue pilot complex with patent ingredient Intensive eye care with whitening and wrinkle improvement Skin irritation tested safe on sensetive skin. Provide rich nutrition for vital eye area finish.

The eye essence containing 80 percentage of the fermentation patent Fermentox
Give the powerful fermentation energy to eyes tired.
Gives moist care around delicate eyes.
Complex fermentation filtrate containing the fruit of ginseng gives the animation and gloss.
Texture was sticky with nutritional sense.
Essence that to complete the full vivacity eyes.

- Brightening, nourishing eye essence with anti-wrinkle effect contains 80% ferment ingredients to smoothen and firm skin in eye area.
- Fermentox complex (fermented extract of Brown rice, Green tea and Dandelion) nourishes, brightens skin and strengthens skin barrier.
- Galactomyces ferment filtrate with rich Vitamin, mineral and Amino acid creates healthy, clear skin.
- Blue phyto complex containing 6 types of patented botanical ingredients such as Lavender, Chamomile to soothe and moisturize skin.
- Skin irritation test completed.

Capacity 15ml

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