Candy Lab - Creamypop the Velvet Lip Color

SKU: 8809447928425

RM55.49 MYR

Capacity: 4.5g

Creampop the velvet lip color
Creamy lip-loving formula infused with concentrated pigments which result in a full-coverage color while leaving the lips with a velvet matte finish.
Available in 6 shades, the texture offers non-drying 
and super-soft long wear.

A vividly pigmented, silky-smooth, creamy lip color with the velvet-matte finish. In addition, it is ultimate comfort for all-day wear.

#LongLasting #MatteFinish #LipMatte

How to use:
Full lips: Outline lips along the natural lip line and fill in the color.
Gradient lips: Apply the color to the enter of your lips and use your fingertips. As a result; blending the color to achieve a gradient look.

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