Farmskin Fresh Food Facial Sheet Mask - Set (5pcs)

FRESHFOOD Avocado Facial Sheet Mask [For Smoothing]
This is a 5 day skincare program designed with fresh vegetables and fruits from nature. There are 6 sets for 6 major concerns : refreshing, nourishing, revitalizing, energizing and plumping

FRESHFOOD Grape Facial Sheet Mask [For Moisturizing]
Ample moisture of the grape that has fine flavor and rich nectar moisturizes and hydrates dry and thirsty skin.

FRESHFOOD Orange Facial Sheet Mask [For Refreshing]
Vitamin C of the orange which makes you feel good just by its fragrance refreshes dry and dull skin.

FRESHFOOD Cranberry Facial Sheet Mask [For Plumping]
With its beautiful reddish color and refreshing taste, cranberry's diverse nutritional ingredients help your tired and vigorless skin become more resilient and healthy.

FRESHFOOD Mango Facial Sheet Mask [For Nourishing]
The rich vitamins of the yellow mango, grown widely in the tropics, provide plenty of nutrients to a dull, vigorless skin.

FRESHFOOD Fig Facial Sheet Mask [For Purifying]
A variety of nutrients from the fig, a unique fruit whose flowers bloom inside the fruit, help keep your skin clean and clear.

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