Farmskin Superfood For Skin Pinkvera Soothing Cream 100ml

FARMSKIN Pink Vera Soothing Cream 100ml
Cooling + Soothing + Moisturizing

Aloe that turned in pink after being heated at high temperature over 80c
Pink vera holds more aloe-emodin than green aloe. A component excellent for soothing the skin.
Pink Aloe, 5-fold Hyaluronic, Panthenol

Recommended for
1. Those who suffer from sensitive skin
2. Those who need Cooling + Moisturizing + Soothing care after a core workout
3. Those who seek for mild, refreshing product
4. Those with dry skin that lost moisture due to frequent sweating

How did aloe become Pink Aloe
1. Pesticide-free aloe from Geoje Island
2. Extract juice from the fresh aloe leaf
3. Heat at high temperature over 80c
4. Transform pink aloe with upgraded soothing effect

How to use
1. Gently rub the appropriate amount on the skin
2. Reapply as needed
3. From face to body, apply to any area that needs cooling + Moisturizing + Soothing

- Not just providing an instant cool moist feeling, it helps to relieve the fundamental stress of sensitive and fragile skin!
- Pink Aloe is made with clean pesticide-free aloe farmed with eco-friendly fertilizer in clean Geoje Island
- Oregano, Fermented Bean, Willow Tree, Portulaca, Cinnamon, Baikal Skullcap. Unique recipe infused with 7 different plant ingredients to increase the increases the efficiency
- Allergen Free, Cruelty-Free

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