[GRAFEN] Cica Care Treatment 300ml

[Grafen] Cica Care Treatment 300ml
Cares hair softly and elastically because it contains CICA.
Makes hair nourished and fragrant with CICA and White musk. It cares hair and even your feeling with it fragrant scent.
Recommended people to use.
* People who have damaged hair due to frequently changed hair style.
* People who have weak and easily split hair.
* People who want to sleek hair.
* People who want to rinse off shampoo cleanly.
* People who want to have fragrant hair.
* People who worry about scent from the center of the head.

Ingredients : Centella Asiatica,Porphyridium cruentum extract, Opuntia Coccinellifera Ferment Extract, herb, fruit, Jasmine, lily, rose, vanilla, woody, Broccoli extract, Onion extract, Artemisia Capillaris Extract, Methionine & Cystein
Volume: 300ml
Product Origin: KOREA
Expiry: 3 years from manufacture date

In case of caring damaged hair with the shampoo which contains CICA which is good for damaged hair, it helps to shorten the time to take hair recovery.
[ Product which will be good for using the shampoo ]

1. OPTION PRODUCT : Cica Silky shampoo 500ml
✖No parabens, ✖No silicone.
It's the natural material extracted by vegetable.
It helps the moisture scalp by changing to vitamin B5 and synthesizing moisture.
*Citric acid
It's the natural material extracted by vegetable.
It helps to control excessive sebum.
For maintaining hair color & Revolutionizing hair
Amino acid complex + No silicone
Because it does not contain sulfate which is added for cleansing, it helps to maintain the hair color of dyed hair.
⭐PH 5.5 acidulous shampoo
The acidulous shampoo makes alkalified scalp and hair exposed to not only UV and chemicals health.
⭐SODIUM PCA which impresses pigmentation It helps to maintain and protect hair color and hair perm.

Ingredients : Centella Asiatica, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Hydrolyzed soyrotein,Hydrolyzed corn protein,Hydrolyzed silk are contained

The shampoo habit of scratching with nails can also cause scalp problems. Besides, there are many germs breeding under the nails! It is recommended to rub gently with fingertips or cleanse with a scalp brush.

* Point1. Soft silicone material Made of silicone rather than hard plastic, scalp massage is possible without scaring the scalp.
* Point2. 100% Perfect waterproof treatment _ The surface of the comb is waterproofed, and dandruff, waste, and water are not accumulated and clean.
* Point3. Slip + ergonomic design_ It is easy to use in the bathroom because it is easy to hold in one hand and the size and the child are grin feeling.

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