[GRAFEN] Cica Silky Shampoo 300ml/500ml

[GRAFEN ] Cica Silky Shampoo 300ml/500ml

#The most popular product in Korea#
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❌No Paraben ❌No silicone
No silicone and no paraben means that the shampoo does not clog up the pores on your scalp.
Don’t worry! It’s made with natural ingredients which can also be used for people with sensitive scalp!
Extracted from plants.
It is a byproduct of vitamin B-5 to help moisturize the hair and help damaged hair become healthier.
✔Citric acid
Extracted from plants.
It helps to control excessive sebum.

💟Maintaining Hair Color & Repairing Damaged Hair 💟
Amino acid complex + No silicone
- Does not contain Sulphate, in order to help maintain the color/dyed hair.

👍PH Level of 5.5
- This shampoo helps to improve the health of your hair from the frequent exposure to UV rays and the residue waste on your scalp.

- This product does not contain sulfate. Instead, it contains SODIUM PCA which helps to improve and maintain colored and permed hair.

Ingredients : Centella Asiatica, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Hydrolyzed soyrotein, Hydrolyzed corn protein , Hydrolyzed silk
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [See Better Results Using The Edge Finger]


Using your nails when shampooing your hair can cause scalp problems. The germs between your fingernails may enter your scalp when washing your hair. To prevent from this happening, we recommend you gently rub with the tip of your fingers or try using our Edge Finger Brush!

*Reason 1 : The soft silicone material will help cleanse and massage without harming the scalp.
*Reason 2 : 100% Waterproof Product. The surface of the comb is waterproof. Dandruff/sebum, residue waste, and water will not be collected any stay clean
*Reason 3 : Easy to use and holds comfortably in your hand.

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