[GRAFEN] Hinoki Shampoo 300ml/500ml [Anti-Hair Loss]

[GRAFEN] Hinoki shampoo 300ml/500ml

# Korea’s No.1 product hair care line for the BEAUTY category on Nav*r Search Engine

Made of "Korea’s Jeju Cypress Tree"
💚Oily Scalp Care + Hair loss prevention shampoo💚

🌲Cypress Tree
* It contains cypress-water and essential oils extracted from the Cypress Trees.
* The large amount of phytoncide found in cypress is an antibiotic substance produced by forest plants. It helps to cleanse the residue waste off the scalps in order to keep the scalp and hair healthy.

👉🏻 For those who worry about oily scalp and dandruff throughout the day.
👉🏻 For those who have excessive hair loss and weak hair.
👉🏻 For those who have itchy scalp and inflammation.
👉🏻 For those who just started losing hair.
👉🏻 If you want to improve hair elasticity.

⭐4-STEP care solution ⭐
#1 Removes residue.
- The shampoo foam helps to remove the excessive sebum off the scalp.
#2 Provides nutrition.
- Helps to keep the scalp and hair moist and provides nutrients for a healthy hair.
#3 Normalizes pH level of the scalp.
- Removes dandruff off the scalp by balancing the pH level.
#4 Antibacterial
- It contains natural antibacterial ingredients from the Cypress.

Ingredients : Cypress water, Cypress essential oil, Menthol, Rehmannia Chinensis root extract, Acorus Calamus root extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) root extract, Morus Alba bark extract, Xanthium strumarium fruit extract, Lycium Chinese fruit extract, Ginseng extract, Chrysanthemum Zawadskii extract

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [See Better Results Using The Edge Finger]


Using your nails when shampooing your hair can cause scalp problems. The germs between your fingernails may enter your scalp when washing your hair. To prevent from this happening, we recommend you gently rub with the tip of your fingers or try using our Edge Finger Brush!

*Reason 1 : The soft silicone material will help cleanse and massage without harming the scalp.
*Reason 2 : 100% Waterproof Product. The surface of the comb is waterproof. Dandruff/sebum, residue waste, and water will not be collected any stay clean
*Reason 3 : Easy to use and holds comfortably in your hand.

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