Im Unny Pore Blur Powder/Pact 8.5g

IM UNNY Pore Blur soaks up excess oil at any point in makeup routine for creating a flawless base, maintaining coverage or fixing shine. Fine powder fills in pores and lines for soft, matte skin. Soaks in any oil or shine on face to maintain matte skin throughout the day

Available in:
Blur Powder
Blur Pact

❤ A sebum-absorbing pore pact that leaves your skin smooth and silky.
❤ Brightens skin complexion.
❤ Controls sebum production.
❤ Can be used to remove excess sebum from the scalp.
❤ Enters pores and soaks up excess oil for matte, baby-soft skin.
❤ Maintains smooth makeup coverage
❤ Brightens face tone
❤ Mattifies shiny skin
❤ Long lasting

How to use:
After applying makeup base or foundation, take a moderate amount with the included puff and apply to targeted areas in a tapping motion.

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