MCC Accent Gel Roof Colour Pencil (10 Types)



What is the gelroof ? Gel + Waterproof = gelroof " Gelroof Makeup" Perfect waterproof eye makeup expressiong with a Gel! Gel texture containing waterproof function expresses eyeline, shadow, underline without being smudged all day.
Accent Gel Roof Color Pencil Perfect waterproof!
Completion in 10 sec! multi gelroof makeup [ eyeliner + underliner + eye shadow ]
Soft gel type super waterproof 'Gelroof Makeup' Gel texture strong against sweat or water completes perfect waterproof makeup without spreading.
3 functions color pencil [ eyeliner + underline + eye shadow ]
As well as eyeliner & underline with flattering color, delicate peal shadow is expressed by light blending for the full eye makeup.
Eye protection with nutritional ingredient contain Black bean extract & Jojoba oil ingredient nourish eyes and care for eyes to be moist & soft.
Auto type with a build-in sharpener Auto type that enables users to use only what they want and the integral sharpener for the fine eye line expression.

Capacity 8g

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