MCC Accent Mega8 Fake Lashes Cara 8g (2 Types)


- Higher long-lash with Hydroxy-cellulose as if eyelashes are attached
Elastic texture of Hydroxy-cellulose helps fit without agglomerate and last long with longer eyelashes!

- Soft application with Bess wax, Carnauba Wax
Reducing hard wax content, soft wax ingredients of Bees wax & Carnauba wax give soft feeling of use

- Waterproof & easy cleansing formula
Easy cleansing with warm water & waterproof function with film coating formula

- Healthily care
Collagen & moist Glycerin ingredients keep healthy eyelashes

- NO fiber~ elastic lengthening Mascara!
Hydroxyethylcellulose of elastic gel ingredient helps lengthening along the eyelashes and expressing natural long lashes unlike fiber mascara with long lash limitation.

- ZERO agglomerate with soft wax!
Soft wax ingredients of Beeswax, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax unlike hard wax softly cover eye lashes and complete neat long lashes.

How to use
- Make shape of eyelashes by using eyelash curler.
- Adjust amount of content with rubbing at around mouth of container.
- Follow instruction for each type

#1 Roll Up Lash
#2 Double Lash

Capacity 8g

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