MCC Auto Eyebrow Pencil (3 Types)


1.Smooth and delicate brush strokes: not hurt eyebrow hair root, easy to color, easy to draw natural smooth eyebrow shape
2.This is an eyebrow pencil that can be used on both ends. You can use the eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows and then use the eyebrow pencil to color the eyebrows to create a three-dimensional beautiful eyebrow.
3.Waterproof and makeup-proof formula: use sweat-proof formula, lasting, not easy to take off make-up, modify eyebrow shape, enhance the contour of facial features.
4.The easy to apply formula easy to coloured, and it can waterproof ,sweat resistant, and lasting color.
5.Stylish shell design, no trace on the sweat.

Type:Eyebrow enhancers
Skin Type:All skin types

Capacity 0.5g

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