MCC Natural Herb Lip Balm 25g


Herb essential oil with full of gloss!
No 10 addition with highly moisturizing lipbalm!

Smooth lips with essential oil enriched nutritions!
Herb essential oil adds nutrition and moist gloss to rough lips.
Non-sticky moisturizing effect!
Light fitting formula gives easy absorption and Shea butter of natural humectant keeps moistness for long.
No addition of 10 harmful ingredients for healthy lips
10 No addition formula and ECO ingredients give soft and healthy lip care
Comfortable mood with various herb scents
Herb scents to comfort even to the mind

Came with 3 different scents:
#1 Floral herb: a line of floral herbs give sweet smell
#2 Fresh herb: a line of natural herbs give freshness
#3 Sweet herb: a line of sweet herbs give softness

Capacity 25g

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