MCC Purity Repair Cover BB - 50ml [Marigold] (2 Types)


MCC Purity Repair Cover BB(MARIGOLD)

Flower repair BB blooming as clear & Elastic skin with marigold wrinkle improvement cover BB elastically expressing flawless & Perfect skin
[wrinkle care + UV protection + whitening functional cosmetic]

Healthily & Lively with fine skin resilience
Care for skin to be healthy & Elastic by marigold extract & snail mucin & adenosine ingredients, Increase skin vitality and manage lively.

Perfect cover without darkening
Perfectly cover wrinkle & Blemish with tight fitting to skin & Superior covering, Finish softly as clear skin tone without darkening.

Wrinkle care + UV protection + Whitening triplex functional
Manage flabby & Dull skin tone to be clear & Elastic skin with triplex functions of strong UV cut(SPF50+/PA+++) + Whitening + Wrinkle improvement.

Even sensitive skin OK with ECO certified ingredients contain
Protect even sensitive skin safely & Comfortably with ECO certified ingredients of camomile & Rose hip oil extracts.

#1 Light beige
#2 Natural beige

How to use
Press slightly the center of container and take reasonable amount, Smoothly dab and spread from the center of face to the outside.

Capacity 50ml

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