MCC Water Sebum Control Skin 150ml



MCC Cosmetics Water Sebum Control Skin NHH_WATER_SKIN gives boyfriend an attractive and sexy face with a bright skin by moisturizing, tightening pores, and softening moisture. smooth, prevents greasy shine, helps skin become pure.
This is a special pore care product that proactively assists with various pore problems such as controlling excess sebum and tightening pores.
Rose water will help balance the skin immediately, making the skin soft and easily absorbed from the next skin care.
With Pore-lightening technology, it will help tighten pores and improve skin. The addition of ingredients deep in the ocean with the active ingredient Zinc will help moisturize and prevent greasy shine, control over-active lubricant, remove sebum and waste inside pores.
This product does not contain alcohol, does not irritate or irritate the skin but is suitable for all skin types.

Manage sebum, acne, tighten pores
Replenishes skin and increases moisture retention
Provide nutrients, increase skin elasticity
Ingredients bamboo and lavender safe

Capacity 150ml

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