Mediheal N.m.f Aquaring Ampoulex Face Mask (1pc)


RM14.90 MYR

"2-step Mask With Pure Ceramide Capsule Included. Mask Sheet Hydrates And Tightens The Skin With N.m.f, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, And Trehalose. The Silky Cellulose Mask Sheet Adheres Tightly To The Skin And Conveys The Full Effects Of The Essence Mildly. The Genuine Mediheal Mask Sheet Shows The Mediheal Logo When Dried And Ready To Be Removed.

- Hydration, Pore Care And Retention Of Moisture In Skin
- Soft And Silky Mask
- Enhances The Moisture Retention And Softness Of The Skin
- Suitable For Sensitive Skin

How To Use:
1. Take Out The Mask From Step-1 Package And Peel Off One Side Of The Film Then Apply Mask To The Face. Remove The Film On The Other Side And Leave On For 15~20 Mins.
2. Remove The Mask And Apply The (Capsule) Serum From Step-2 Package And Gently Pat To Absorb."

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