SNP Mini Charcoal Cleansing Foam 25ml


RM16.90 MYR

Different Cleansing Effect and
Refreshing Charcoal Deep Cleansing #CharcoalFoam
NET WT 25 ml / 0.84 fl. oz.

1) Flawless cleansing effect with clean natural ingredients
Excellent absorption of charcoal powder cleanses unnecessary excess sebum and dead skin cells, it creates a pleasant skin base with a soft and rich foam from naturally derived surfactants.

2) Moist finish, refreshing with plant derived aqua duo
It contains aloe vera leaf juice that quickly replenishes sensitized skin with excellent moisture and quick soothing effect. Lotus water renowned as the flower of powerful self-purification moisturizes without dullness while cleansing your face.

3) Various MIX & MATCH available item
You Can utilize this item as body scrub to soften your body texture by mixing it with black sugar in 1:1 ratio. When washing away the make-up residues on the inside of a hat or clothing accessories such as a clothing neck line, it can also be used as a various mix and match multi-item to erase those traces easily and effectively.

How to use:
1. When cleansing, take an appropriate amount in your hand and massage it to clean your face.
2. Rinse it off with lukewarm water

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