SNP Vitaronic Toner Pad (60 Pads)


RM89.90 MYR

The Vitaronic Complex provides optimal vitamin toner for your skin provided in a pre-soaked pad.

The Vitaronic skin care line is intended to help bring vitality to your skin for brightening and energizing your skin. The addition of high-molecular hyaluronic acid helps maintain skin moisture normally lost through evaporation.

Vitaronic solution is composed of green trifoliate orange fruit that fully holds vita energy and 3 layers of Hyaluronic acid which assures great absorption into skin to help reduce uneven tone and texture to awake clear brightness inside of your skin.

Young trifoliate orange fruit that has great effect on anti-oxidation and skin brightening agent toner on presoaked pads helps tone your skin for optimal absorption of essence to provide powerful effective care.

-Vitamin: Energy Up
-Ideal combination with Hyaluronic Acid for Maximum Hydration
-Safe Care for Sensitive Skin

How to use:
Following your AM/PM cleansing routine, use a Vitaronic Toner Pad and sweep over face and nexk. Pat gently into skin until absorbed.

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