[Tony Moly] Holiday Edition I’m Hand Cream Set


RM109.90 MYR RM129.90 MYR
Fragrance-filled holiday edition hand cream set to make you feel happy

Cherry Blossom:
- Includes Ceramide composition, Seruraata cherry flower extract (1,000ppm) contains
- Sweet cherry blossom fragrance that moisturizes your hands which makes feel happy
- Moisture type soft spread out and moist finish

- Includs Shea butter 10%, milk protein extract (1,000ppm)
- A romantic milky fragrance filled with nutritious moisturizing hand cream
- Flexible finishing touch with high adhesive feeling and high moisturizing

- Includes Argan kernel oil, macadamia seed oil, olive oil, radish flower extracts (1,000ppm)
- Lovely feeling of love Lovely pitch-filled fragrance Moisturizing hand cream
- Soft finish with watery and moist feel

How to use:
Apply frequently an appropriate amount onto hands after washing hands or feeling dry

30ml x 3Types

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