[Tony Moly X Moschino] Moschino Chic Skin Cushion


RM199.90 MYR RM219.90 MYR

A lightweight cushion foundation that gives the effect of natural glowing skin. Instead of using water, this formula contains 30% Collagen Water to boost the skin’s elasticity and glow.

This cushion foundation features nutritious ingredients like Triple Hyaluronic Acid, Berry Complex, Italian Collagen and Sea Buckthorn Tree Oil to keep your skin young and glowing!

Triple Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturizing
Berry Complex - Anti-Oxidants
Italian Collagen - Firming
Sea Buckthorn Tree Oil - Glow

How to use:
For a sheer tint, apply light pressure to the cushion using applicator. Gently tap the puff onto the skin where coverage is needed. For more coverage, apply medium pressure to cushion to release more fluid.

Capacity 15g

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