[Tony Moly X Moschino] Moschino Chic Skin Essence Pact


RM199.90 MYR RM219.90 MYR

Whitening + wrinkle + sun protection triple function cosmetics. Essence pact contains 75% of premium essence for skin fit, tone and elasticity care. Italian collagen premium essence gives the healthy moisture skin care.

A compact with SPF50+ that features 75-percent essence and triple marble color to brighten skin tone while supporting skin's elasticity.
A special collaboration between TONYMOLY and MOSCHINO released.
These nourishing essence pacts blended with 75% premium essence including Collagen from Italy to revive and moisturise skin.
Combining Cover Beige, Pink Brightener and White Brightener for a perfect, flawless complexion.

How to use:
1. Capture a proper amount of the product with circular motions.
2. Pat lightly across the face along skin texture.

Capacity 18g

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