Too Cool For School Artclass Brow Designing Pencil (2 Types)


RM59.90 MYR RM79.90 MYR

Triangular edge cutting brow for fine application and full, long-lasting color. Smooth application even on bare skin for quick and easy drawing. Easy to use for those with sparse brow types like Mona Lisa, or on bare skin. Detailed triangular pencil, flat and sharp pencil that allows you to draw fine hairs one by one at the head of the brow, and finish with a slick tail. Adhesive formula for strong and vivid brows that last all day long.

How to use
Step 1: Use the thing side of the triangular pencil to outline the brow.
Step 2: Use the wide side to color in the brow, stroking in the direction of the hairs.
Step 3: Use the spoolie to blend and tidy the brow.


Capacity 0.18g

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