Too Cool For School TAG Lazy Red Clear Fix Mascara 7g


RM79.90 MYR RM99.90 MYR

Fine & feathery extension! Featuring ultra flexible gel formula paired with natural micro fibers of various lengths. Product doesn't clump even with multiple layers for light and crisp lashes.

Ultra curl fixing formula! Firm wear made possible by a matrix structured base and waterproof formula. Slim curve brush, optimal length and curved shape of brush to match the curves of the eyes. Delicately treats each lash from the inner corner of the eye to the wing, to the lower lashes. Panthenol protects lashes from damage for lasting nourishment and care.

How to use
1. After curling the lashes with a curler, use the wide side of the brush to latch onto the roots, then brush outwards using a zigazg motion.
2. Hold the brush vertically to apply evenly onto lower lashes.
3. Layer multiple times for longer, more vivid curls.


Capacity 7g

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