Too Cool For School TAG Lazy Red Matte Lip (5 Types)


RM79.90 MYR RM99.90 MYR

Colorful RED variation; RED BE ALRIGHT! BE OK! Colorful red hues deliver a full, lazy mood lip. Smooth and rich textures create a full, matte lip with just one touch.

Product slides smoothly over the lips to fill every crack and crevice for an even, clump-free smudged lip with a light and non-sticky finish.

Formulated with
1. Cocoa Seed Butter; to help cover the lips to prevent moisture from evaporating and helps maintain hydration
2. Annato Oil; A natural red pigment that improves moisturizing and helps soften and smooth out rough lips.

How to use
Apply smoothly onto lips.


Capacity 3.7g

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