Too Cool For School TAG Lazy Red Mood Eyes Eyeshadow Palette 8.4g


RM139.90 MYR RM159.90 MYR

6-shade eye shadow palette with daily makeup colors found between red and pink that express the listless mood of the early morning.

Airy Matte texture, fine micro powder that absorbs excess oils around the eyes for fresh application and lasing color. Highly pigmented shimmer with a subtle glow and big sparkly glitters that don't budge for a long-lasting moist glimmer.

Matte - Highly pigmented sebum matte shadow that applies clear and sheer, and feels comfortable.
Shimmer - Smooth and velvety feel for even application with a subtle glow.
Glitter - 'Moisture fit' big glitters that don't budge.

How to use
Apply shades to eyes using fingers, a brush, or a sponge applicator.


Capacity 8.4g

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