VT BT21 Lippie Stick - 8 Types

SKU: BT21 LS #01

The 'Lippy stick' produces a vibrant lip color with soft wearing and clear color.
For Gradient Lips: Apply the lipstick on the inside of the lips. Using fingers, lip brushes, etc. to apply a natural touch.
For Full Lips: To produce a vivid color, apply lipstick several times along the lip line. Apply with a cotton swab or brush to hold the lip line.
Bangtan Army and Asian Beauty fans rejoice! BTS x VT's new collaboration is a cosmetic collection that was just released!

These items are not only adorable, but they are also practical and functional as well! Be the first in the world to get them!

Moisturising lipsticks with eight colors to choose from!

Shooky - #01 Brown Dawn
RJ - #02 Sturdy Coral
Chimmy - #03 Mood Rose
Cooky - #04 Burnt Pink
Koya - #05 Deep Orange
Tata - #06 Red Pool
Van - #07 Burgundy Scene
Mang - #08 Struck Pink

Capacity 9.5g

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