VT BT21 Lippie Stick Special - 8 Types

SKU: BT21 LSS #01

The lippy stick with a creamy texture smoothly presents vivid colors. With an intensive colour presentation like a lipstick and a creamy texture, it's offers a long-lasting effect with clear color formation on the lips.

The 'Lippy stick' produces a vibrant lip color with soft wearing and clear colour.
KOYA - 01 Pink Fantasy
RJ - 02 Orange Locket
TATA - 03 Propose Red
VAN - 04 Dry Rose
CHIMMY - 05 Coral Ending
COOKY - 06 Pink Blow
SHOOKY - 07 Mystic Brown
MANG - 08 Bullet Red

Capacity 9.5g

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