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Make skin glossy all the time

Honey LIGHT,
Honey RIGHT!

The special wash-off mask which delivers full of vitalizing energy which has nourishing & soothing effect to dull and rough skin.

Supplies full or nutrition / Smooth dead cell care / Increasing vitalizing effect by honey

The reason why PROGLOSS GOLD CAPSULE MASK is so special
1. Thick gel cream texture
2. Perfect nourishing & soothing care
3. Smooth skin care by containing PHA material.
4. Dense moisturizing effect without tightness after cleansing.
5. Makes radiant skin.

The soft and thick gel cream texture which contains real gold helps to maintain moist hydration in the skin by delivering dense nourishing moisturizing energy to skin while it is applied on the skin and even after cleansing face

GOLD HONEY-BENONE™ which is the core point of gloden honey radiant skin.
GOLD HONEY-BENONE™ composed of gold, honey, and idebenone is the main material of the product which offering triple moisturizing, nourishing and boosting radiance to the weak skin.

1. After cleansing face, smooth out skin texture lightly and spread the mask on the entire face except eyes and mouth evenly.
2. Wait for 10 - 15 mins until the pack is dried.
3. When the pack is dried, wash off the mask gently rolling the face like massaging face using tepid water.

TIPS: Because fine and micro pearl particle is contained in the PROGLOSS GOLD CAPSULE, it's recommended to cleanse face meticulously

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